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Men wore suits with

And this year, Pitti Uomo in Florence got a boost as the chosen venue for Ferragamo, which normally shows in Milan, and Givenchy, which makes Paris its home. Colours were mostly dark neutrals with flashes of red — especially striking on a pair of belted suits — blue-greens and green-blues, as well as orange melting into bronze.

Men wore suits with the distinctive Kiss script as a motive spray painted denim and Plein emblazoned hoodies. Suit coats and jackets for him and her featured half-and-half Prince of Wales plaid and solid black, worn China LVLP Spray gun Manufacturers with a suit shirt, tie and black leather lace-up pants.” Versace said. A shimmery leopard men’s top embroidered with Gianni Versace’s signature in silver peeks out of a knit vest, with black trousers and a cross-body bag that embrace of femininity. Women wore chain mail dresses, T-shirt minis with Kiss motivs or sexy business suits with thigh-high boots decorated with crystal-encrusted straps. 

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Men wore suits with
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